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Tips for Getting Out of a Work Rut

work rut

You enjoy your job, but you may find work can get repetitive. Repetition can lead to complacency or a feeling that you are stuck in a rut Commonly, these feelings can lead to you finding it difficult to find motivation to take the next  step forward in your career.

Let’s look at the tell-tale signs that you’re stuck in a rut, and explore ways to affect change. Once done successfully, you may find your career “magically” begins to take off.

Signs You Are Stuck in a Work Rut

There are many signs you may be stuck in a work rut. These include:

  • Every day at work feels exactly the same.  
  • You feel like you are just trying to get through each workday.  
  • You struggle to find motivation to work to your full potential.  
  • You feel unhappy or dissatisfied with your job.  
  • Self-doubt begins to creep in and makes you feel uneasy about making job changes or taking that next step in your career progression.


A work rut can crop up at any time. Make an extra effort to remain self-aware and turn the tide early. So many things in life are about timing, and this is no different. Early detection allows you to take small steps which lead to significant change.

How to Break Out of a Work Rut

If you believe you are stuck in a work rut, try not to panic. Here are three tips to help you snap out of your rut and move forward in your career

1. Prioritize Self-Care

If possible, take a break from the hustle and bustle of work. You can use vacation or sick days to temporarily remove yourself from your job and focus on what’s most important: your health and wellbeing. 

Spend time doing things you enjoy. You can set up times to meet up with family members and friends and enjoy fun activities together. Perhaps you can meditate, jog, or do other forms of exercise. Find healthy and safe ways to enjoy yourself. When you do, you can take your mind off of your work rut and take care of yourself.

As you take care of yourself, you can start to improve your work-life balance. Think about how you can manage your workload without compromising self-care. You may even want to pursue a new job that supports your mental health. The key should always be to spend your time in a role where you can feel and perform your best every day.

2. Take Control of Your Career

Taking an honest look at your current job may offer a clue as to why you are stuck in a work rut.  At the same time you should examine your career successes and failures. When and where were you at your best? Armed with this information, it may be the perfect time to revamp, or completely re-envision your career plan.

Conduct research into jobs that meet your expectations. Look at the duties and responsibilities for these roles. Check out the skill and education requirements for these jobs as well. 

If you find a job that is right for you, determine how you can land this role. Tap into industry peers for advice and input. You may need to enroll in classes so you can get additional training or certifications as well. At the very least, be sure to update your resume to ensure it shows an employer that you’re the best candidate for a role. Be sure it offers an opportunity to highlight your relevant skills and experience.

Even when you find yourself in a work rut, remember you always have control over your career.  Times like this can lead to change, which can be very powerful! Whether gaining a renewed sense of hope to help you become more productive and feel happier in your current job, or moving closer to landing a new role that suits you perfectly – it may be time to make a change.

Focus on the Positives

Establish goals and milestones for your career. It can be beneficial to make a list of career aspirations. In addition, you can create steps to accomplish your goals within a certain time frame.

As you try to get out of your work rut, remain focused on your career goals. You may encounter hurdles along the way. Yet if you work hard and stay the course, you’re well-equipped to achieve your aspirations. 

Chat with family members and friends regularly. This allows you to share any concerns with people who care about you. Your family members and friends are a great source for guidance and support.

If you feel that stress, anxiety, and depression over your work rut is becoming too much to handle, consult with a doctor. Through a careful review, they can help you find safe and healthy ways to manage through this chapter. If needed, your doctor can also put you in touch with mental health professionals who can assist you.

Break Out of Your Work Rut

Don’t let a work rut get the best of you. Instead, take steps to break out of your rut. In doing so, you can find your dream job and career. 

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