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How to Find an IT Job That Supports Mental Health

Let’s face it — working in IT can be stressful and exhausting. You may work long hours to provide a business with best-in-class IT support. But if you’re not careful, your IT job can disrupt your mental wellbeing. And if you let your job get the best of you, your mental health can quickly deteriorate.

Ultimately, it pays to search for an IT job that’s the right fit. This job should help you establish and maintain a healthy work-life balance, and the company should support your mental health.

3 Tips to Find an IT Job That Supports Your Mental Health

1. Learn About a Company’s Culture

Before you apply for an IT job, learn about the business’ culture. Visit the company’s website and find out if it has any programs that support the wellbeing of its personnel. Here, you may find information about any mental wellness programs or other perks the business provides to help its employees feel their best.

You can ask about a company’s culture in an interview, too. Learn how a company engages with its personnel and supports its workers. From here, you can find out if a company is well-equipped to support your mental health.

2. Discuss a Company’s Mental Health Benefits

Request information about any mental health benefits a company offers to its IT workers. In some instances, businesses offer mental health days; or, companies may include comprehensive mental health coverage as part of a benefits package.

Learn what mental health tools and resources a company provides to its employees as well. The best companies generally provide training to educate workers about the importance of developing and sustaining a healthy work-life balance. Moreover, they go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure workers can access mental health benefits at any time.

3. Find Out What IT Workers Are Saying About a Company

Look at what IT employees are saying about a company online. You can use websites like Glassdoor and Indeed to see how past IT workers rate the business. From here, you can find out if IT employees frequently dealt with burnout or other issues that can negatively affect their mental wellbeing. 

It can be beneficial to meet with a company’s IT team during the hiring process as well. This allows you to get firsthand insights into how the business supports its IT personnel. This also ensures you can get the information you need to determine if an IT job is right for you.

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