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Skills To Look For When Hiring Quality Assurance Testers

Quality assurance testers ensure that the products companies produce and sell meet the quality standards needed for both the market and distribution. This minimizes the number of bad products inadvertently created and sent to customers.

The increasing frequency of emerging technologies means a significant number of monitoring and tracking responsibilities are being automated. As a result, quality assurance testers are needed to handle higher-level responsibilities. This adds more value to an organization.

Discover which skills to look for when hiring quality assurance testers.

Ability To Understand, Interpret, And Communicate With Data

Quality assurance testers must be able to summarize the data and show how their audiences can use it. This may involve the use of graphs, charts, or other visual representations to help explain and understand the data.

Blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking are among the technologies that are increasingly used throughout product manufacturing processes. Therefore, understanding these technologies can elevate the amount of data collected while producing and transporting products.

Project Management Skills

Skills such as communication, time management, and scheduling are essential for quality assurance testers. Negotiation, technical expertise, and leadership also are important. Risk management, critical thinking, and problem-solving are needed as well.

Project management skills are needed during the early stages of implementing quality assurance processes and protocols. They also are essential when incorporating new technologies into processes. Plus, these skills are important for incorporating changes into the supply chain.

Domain Expertise

Quality assurance testers must understand each step of the supply chain and manufacturing process. This helps identify weaknesses and proactively resolve issues. These strategic insights provide additional value to the organization.

Human Literacy

Understanding how a product impacts its human users is essential for quality assurance testers. This requires knowledge of the potential outcomes of having a bad product leave the facility. Quality assurance testers must know how to ask the right questions, find patterns, and make the connections to effectively perform their work.

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