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What To Include In Your IT Onboarding Process

Your IT onboarding process is essential for employee success. New hires must be trained to protect confidential data to reduce security and compliance risks.

Having the proper equipment, tools, technology, and process helps facilitate your IT onboarding process. New hires use multiple devices and applications to complete their work. Therefore, having a uniform process ensures everything is set up for Day 1 and that employees are trained to use it.

Your IT onboarding process helps new hires understand the tools, software, and processes used to complete their day-to-day responsibilities. It also provides new hires with their credentials to access the software, communication applications, and security programs to complete their work.

Part of your IT onboarding process should train new hires on privacy practices and cybersecurity to protect sensitive information. Understanding everything related to IT helps new hires feel confident using the technology in a safe manner.

Discover what to include in your IT onboarding process for new hire success.

Set Up The IT Equipment  

Ensure the new hire’s equipment and technology are ready to go on Day 1. This may include a computer, monitor, docking station, mouse, keyboard, cables, and company cell phone. Having everything ready to go helps the new hire feel welcome and valued.

Create IT Accounts

Set up accounts for the new hire’s software and tools.

  • Include the new employee’s device accounts, email, file services, productivity tools, and analytics tools.
  • If you use a single-sign-on system, include multi-factor authentication (MFA) for accounts that are used for critical business processes or data.
  • Provide the new hire with their sign-on credentials on Day 1.

Schedule An IT Training Session

Set aside time on the new hire’s first day to explain the devices and accounts they will use. Include their company email, messaging apps, and important security measures.

Train On Cybersecurity

Provide the new hire with self-guided training modules on data privacy and cybersecurity. Include physical security topics such as not leaving confidential information on desks, properly storing physical files, and locking computers and desks before leaving the office.

Ask the new hire to review and sign a data privacy agreement during your IT onboarding process. This emphasizes the importance of securing confidential information.

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