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Benefits Of Augmenting Your IT Workforce

Workforce augmentation blends temporary workers with permanent employees to increase a company’s capacity. This often is done to help with the workload during busy seasons, to complete a project that requires specialized skills, or as a bridge until a permanent employee is hired.

Many companies are recognizing the benefits of augmenting their IT workforce. This provides flexibility to scale according to business needs. It also helps organizations remain competitive.

Discover the benefits of augmenting your IT workforce and how to get started.

Access A Wide Talent Pool

Augmenting your IT workforce lets you connect with top industry professionals when you need them. These professionals have the knowledge, skills, and experience to take on even the most challenging projects.

Blending contract or contract-to-hire workers with your permanent employees lets you take on more complex projects. You can request workers with the specialized skills required to complete the projects. This provides more value for your organization.

Gain New Perspectives

The talent you gain by augmenting your IT workforce provides fresh ideas and insight to benefit your company. Because these professionals work with a range of organizations, they continuously add to their knowledge, skills, and experience. This provides current insight and best practices to resolve your company’s IT issues.

Increase Adaptability

You can augment your IT workforce to fit your changing business needs. For instance, you can mix contract or contract-to-hire workers with your permanent employees during times of rapid expansion. Then, when the workload slows down and the contracts end, the workers can move to other assignments.

Because contract and contract-to-hire workers are employed by a staffing firm, you avoid having to cover payroll, employment taxes, unemployment insurance claims, or related issues. This saves a significant amount of money.

If you need to hire full-time employees, you have the option of hiring any of the contract workers. You already know their work styles, abilities, and fit with your team and culture. Therefore, permanently adding any of these workers to your team would be more effective than hiring an unknown candidate.

Partner With A Leader In IT Workforce Augmentation

DVA Technology is an IT staff augmentation agency and placement firm. We provide companies with resources for critical initiatives and needs.

Whether you need to close short-term gaps or augment your team with IT professionals who have hard-to-find skills or expertise, our contract staffing services can help. Our fast, accurate, cost-effective process means you gain the right professional.

Our resource delivery approach is designed for efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. Our reach and relationships can augment your IT workforce with vetted, qualified professionals ready to make an impact on your organization.

We focus on multiple core functional disciplines:

  • ERP functional and technical
  • SOA and middleware
  • QA testers
  • Business analysts
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Data warehousing
  • Database administrators
  • Software architects and developers
  • Project managers
  • System administrators
  • Technical writers

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Ready To Augment Your IT Workforce?

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