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How To Better Manage Contract Workers

Today’s employers are blending contract workers with full-time employees. This saves time and money on the hiring process. It also maintains flexibility with the workforce.

Employers can scale their workforce according to business needs. They can add contract workers to work on specific projects for a set time. When the contracts end, the workers can move on to other assignments.

Contract workers are employed by a staffing firm. Therefore, the companies that blend the workers with their employees are not responsible for payroll, employment taxes, unemployment insurance, or related expenses.

Because contract workers typically work offsite, managing them can be challenging. Fortunately, having a plan in place makes the process easier.

Implement these tips to better manage contract workers.

Provide Orientation

Because contractors represent your brand, they should understand it as much as possible. Therefore, you should give short-term contract workers a broad overview of your company’s mission, vision, and values. Also, provide long-term contract workers with a more formal orientation, including company objectives and resources.

Clarify The Project Details

Share your goals, timelines, and deadlines with contract workers. Include the relevant resources, expectations, and measurements for success.

Let contract workers know if anything changes with the project. Also, regularly follow up to ensure the contract workers understand what they should be working on and what the desired outcomes are.

Prioritize Communication

Schedule regular meetings or phone calls to check on contract workers’ progress. Contractors working around 10 hours a week might need one call each week. However, contractors working on more complex or time-consuming projects might require additional check-ins.

Find out what the contract workers completed, what they are working on, and what still needs to be done. Also, determine whether the contract worker is on track to finish the project according to the deadline. If not, talk about any adjustments that can be made to get back on track.

Make Yourself Available

Let contract workers know how they can get a hold of you if needed. Include your schedule and whether you prefer to communicate through your office or cell phone, email, text, or a messaging platform.

Blend Contract Workers With Employees

Invite contract workers to participate in company meetings, events, and newsletters. Also, encourage contract workers and employees to join video conferences to share ideas and promote a sense of community. Plus, let contract workers participate in training sessions to develop their skills.

Providing contract workers with the opportunities your employees have promotes engagement and productivity. This improves the quality of work.

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