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How To Start A Career In Technical Writing

Technical writing is a complex form of communication. It requires a deep understanding of the technological principles that are detailed in manuals and training materials.

Technical writers must absorb complex information and create materials that promote understanding for a range of audiences. These materials include documents, product descriptions, user guides, reference guides, white papers, and journal articles for technical products and services. The materials might explain how to use software applications, program a digital device, or accomplish another specialized task.

Becoming a technical writer requires skills in research, analysis, written communication, formatting, and design. The role requires the use of digital tools to collaborate with web designers, industry experts, and administrative professionals to complete projects.

Understanding how to become a qualified job applicant can help you start a career as a technical writer. These tips can help.

Follow these guidelines to start a career in technical writing.

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

Securing a bachelor’s degree in technical communications, journalism, or a related field can help you start a career in technical writing. Including courses in engineering, computer science, data science, or another specialized field can help you secure a job in the field you want to work in. This helps you become familiar with the style, vocabulary, and best practices in the field. It also lets you apply your knowledge to develop work samples for your portfolio.

Complete a Technical Writing Course

Finish an online or onsite technical writing course through a college or university. This helps you develop skills related to writing, graphic design, and basic computer abilities needed to become a certified technical writer.

Find a Mentor

Ask an experienced technical writer to provide guidance as you start a career in technical writing. They can help you gain access to jobs, training, and professional development opportunities to move forward in your career path.


Join online and in-person professional groups and events for technical writers in the IT field. Network with the other participants for opportunities to develop and share your knowledge and skills. Also, find ways to help each other, such as by sharing job openings or providing professional references.

Create Your Portfolio

Include your education, technical writing certificates, any professional experience, and contact information in your digital portfolio or on your website. If you are applying for your first job, you might include the best sample projects you submitted for your certification program. Showcasing your work helps an employer determine whether you are a good fit for the role and should be contacted for an interview.

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