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Turn Your Employees Into Leaders

Turning your employees into leaders is an ongoing process. You should begin the process now to start seeing the results of your efforts.

Instilling leadership skills in your employees helps build their careers. These skills help your employees make educated decisions, guide others, and qualify for more senior roles.

Ensure you have an exit strategy for your employees. Having plans to replace your employees when they advance within your organization makes it easier to fill their positions.

Implement these tips to turn your employees into leaders.

Teach Networking

Turn your employees into leaders by bringing them to networking events. Show them how to initiate conversations with strangers and build relationships. Also, teach your employees to ask for something they need or want and offer to help their new connections.

You might want to begin teaching your employees to network by bringing them to company potlucks, after-work gatherings, or other events. Then, you can advance to networking at community and industry events. Later, you can ask your employees to represent your company at industry events.

Teaching your employees to network provides the skills required to gain valuable contacts. This helps your employees advance to leadership roles within your organization.


You can turn your employees into leaders by asking them to fulfill some of your tasks and responsibilities. Focus on assignments that require the skills needed to move up in your organization. Then, assign projects that involve these skills.

For instance, ask your employees to give presentations to your new hires about what your department does within the organization. Your employees can watch what you do a few times, then begin presenting themselves. This provides the public speaking skills needed for higher roles.

Also, ask your employees to start overseeing projects and running meetings. These tasks require managing other employees. This involves ensuring the team remains on task, meets objectives, and collaborates.

Encourage Self-Dependency

Help turn your employees into leaders by coaching them to find what they need on their own rather than come to you. For instance, if an employee needs help with a financial spreadsheet, you can introduce them to the head of the finance department to request the required assistance. Over time, your employees will learn to find answers independently.

Develop an Ownership Mentality

Teach your employees to make informed decisions without having to run everything by you before taking action. Showing they are trusted, valued, and impactful members of your team helps turn your employees into leaders.

Providing your employees with the authority to make certain decisions empowers them to trust their instincts. Learning from their mistakes helps your employees improve their decision-making skills. This builds the confidence needed to move to more advanced roles.

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