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Ways To Monitor Employee Productivity Without Micromanaging

As a manager, monitoring employee productivity is important. You want to optimize activities as much as possible to reach company goals.

However, always looking for ways to increase efficiency can lead to micromanaging. Micromanaging does the opposite of increasing efficiency.

Trying to manage every detail of business operations makes employees feel like you do not trust or respect them. They may become overly cautious when completing tasks for fear of making mistakes.

Micromanaging reduces job satisfaction, employee morale, and retention. Also, having your remaining employees fill in for the ones who quit lowers productivity.

Fortunately, you can use technology to monitor employee productivity without micromanaging. Effectively using employee monitoring software shows productivity in real time. This helps uncover where you can make meaningful adjustments without watching your employees.

Choose among these ways to monitor employee productivity without micromanaging.

Effectively Use Employee Data

Collect employee tracking data to uncover patterns and trends. Then, use your findings to make more balanced, impactful decisions.

For instance, use individual data to assess and improve task execution. Understanding the effectiveness of the workflows and processes helps increase their efficiency.

You can set benchmarks for tasks, then see how consistently your employees reach these benchmarks. If these benchmarks consistently are missed, you can use the data to determine whether the workload is too high, the processes must be modified, your employees need more training, or another issue must be resolved.

Prioritize Transparency

Share with your employees the data gathered from your employee monitoring software. Include the information that is and is not collected, how it is used and secured, and how privacy is respected. Ask for constructive feedback on how the workflows or processes can be improved.

Focus on the Big Picture

Use your employee monitoring software to collect productivity metrics in aggregate. This provides an overview of your team’s performance.

Examine the data to identify trends, workflow efficiencies, and potential bottlenecks. Use your findings to resolve any productivity issues.‍

Maintain Accountability

Establish your employees’ productivity goals, expectations, and measurements of success. Hold your employees accountable for reaching their objectives.

If your employees do not perform as expected, talk about specific ways to improve. Include appropriate consequences if the goals remain unreached. Set a time to check back about the progress toward reaching these goals.

Maintaining accountability for employee productivity shows you value your team’s contributions and results. This provides motivation to succeed without micromanaging.

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