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Behavioral Interview Questions To Ask IT Candidates

Behavioral interview questions look at a candidate’s past performance to predict their future performance. These questions focus on interpersonal skills and how a candidate performs under pressure. The goal is to determine whether the candidate has the skills required for the position.

Behavioral interviews are popular for IT candidates. Asking targeted behavioral questions helps uncover stories about the candidate’s work history and personality. These stories provide insight into whether the candidate has the skills and personality needed to be successful in the role.

An IT candidate’s answers to behavioral interview questions show how the candidate interacts with others, performs tasks, and overcomes challenges. They also provide insight into the candidate’s IT experience and how they apply their knowledge and skills at work. Plus, the answers show whether the candidate would blend with your culture and help reach company goals.

Discover some of the top behavioral interview questions to ask IT candidates.

Can you talk about a difficult problem you solved at work and how you developed a solution?

Problem-solving is an essential part of working in IT. Focus on how the candidate resolves issues and handles stressful situations.

For instance, “I was working on a project with a tight deadline and realized there were two ways to interpret the client’s instructions. The deadline would be very near by the time I would have received clarification. I partially completed both versions of the project to solve the problem on time.”

Share a time when you made a mistake and how you handled it.

Focus on whether the IT candidate admits their errors and works to correct them. You want someone who values accountability, humility, and transparency.

For instance, “While working in retail, I mistakenly sold an item that was being held for a customer. I felt terrible and immediately told my manager what happened. Fortunately, the customer was understanding and everything was resolved. I made sure not to repeat the same mistake going forward.”

Can you discuss a time when you developed a new skill and how you approached the learning process?

Skill-building is valuable for IT candidates. You want someone who prioritizes building their knowledge and abilities to improve their performance. Look for enthusiasm, self-understanding, and effective learning techniques.

For instance, “Initially, writing product descriptions was challenging for me. Because I knew this was a valuable skill, I spent days studying good product descriptions and styles to create them. Although it was difficult, my continual practice made writing product descriptions much easier.”

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