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4 Tips to Help Attract & Retain Women in IT

The World Economic Forum believes it will take 136 years to achieve gender equality. The original timeline was extended by 36 years due to the disparate impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The National Women’s Law Center says it will take women 9 years to regain the jobs they lost during the pandemic. This means women will remain behind their male counterparts.

As a hiring manager, HR professional, or company leader, you can take steps to attract and retain women to your IT roles. This helps close the gender gap.

Implement these four tips to help attract and retain women in IT.

1. Partner with Schools

Work with local high schools, technical schools, colleges, and universities to implement programs, activities, and events focused on attracting women to IT. These collaborations may involve mentorships, skill development, introductions to career opportunities, or apprenticeships.

Your activities may include on-campus coding workshops, professional panels, career mentoring, or networking sessions. These activities provide access to role models and promote technical understanding among female students.

Forming relationships with recent and future graduates connects them with your company. These graduates might meet with hiring managers, build their networks, or listen to inspirational talks.

These professional interactions encourage graduates to want to work for your organization. This can help attract and retain women for your IT roles.

2. Provide Equal Compensation

Ensure your female and male employees receive equal compensation for the same or similar roles. This helps attract and retain women in IT.

Female employees deserve to be compensated the same amount as male employees for the same type of work. Consider publishing your company’s salaries per role to show your adherence to pay transparency.

3. Offer Female-Focused Benefits

Emphasize the benefits you offer to help attract and retain women in IT. Examples include providing additional support for women returning to work after having children or reentering the workforce after spending time with their families. Or, you might offer enhanced family leave for men to participate more actively in childcare while women are more active in the workforce. Plus, you could provide a set number of hours of backup child/elder care per dependent each year.

Offering family-friendly initiatives encourages women to maintain their careers while raising children. This helps attract and retain women in IT.

4. Provide Equal Opportunities for Promotions

Representation helps attract and retain women in IT. Women need to see females in leadership and other decision-making roles.

Seeing your company support equality encourages women to apply for your job openings. Female job seekers want to know they have opportunities to grow into leadership roles.

Include senior-level female employees in your interview process. Encourage them to discuss your company’s commitment to a diverse, collaborative, progressive culture.

Share information about potential career paths for women in the company. Include the resources in place to help female employees reach their professional goals.

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