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Writing Engaging Job Descriptions That Attract the Technical Talent You Need

Your job descriptions impact the types of applicants you receive. This makes a difference in whether you receive qualified, enthusiastic applicants or unqualified, disengaged ones.

As a result, you want your job descriptions to be thought-out and well-developed. As your first point of contact with job seekers, your job descriptions must sell the role. This increases the number of qualified applicants you receive.

Follow these guidelines to write engaging job descriptions that attract the technical talent you need to move your organization forward.

Use a Specific Job Title

Include a clear, relevant job title in the job description. Include projects the employee may be involved in. This provides a clearer idea of what would be expected in the role.

For instance, instead of “office manager,” you might use “remote worker coordinator.” The second title more clearly shows the employee’s primary responsibility.

Share the Duties, Responsibilities, and Metrics for Success  

Clearly describe the job duties and responsibilities.  Show how the position fits within the organization and impacts the business.

Emphasize the top 5 priorities for the role. Include the metrics for success and why they matter. This gives candidates a better idea of whether they would enjoy performing the work and should apply.

Detail the Skills and Qualifications

Mention the top 5 must-have skills and qualifications for the role. Keep in mind that nice-to-have skills may be developed through on-the-job training.

Limiting the necessary skills and qualifications encourages more candidates to apply. Having more applicants means increased access to the best talent.

Mention Career Opportunities

Share opportunities for career advancement. Include opportunities for training and development that can lead to promotions. Also, mention how your company values professional growth as part of its culture.

The best talent wants to work for companies long-term. As a result, providing opportunities for career development promotes employee attraction and retention.

Show Personality

Convey the tone of your work environment while remaining professional. This helps you connect with candidates who blend with your culture and should excel in the position.

For instance, you might mention your team’s morning yoga practice before work. Or, you could include humor in your job description. Properly representing your team helps find the right candidate for the role.

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