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Incorporate These DE&I Efforts Into Your Hiring Process!

Most companies are increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in their hiring process. Odds are, this is one initiative your organization is focused on.

Incorporating DE&I efforts into your hiring process helps your employees perform better. Sharing diverse ideas promotes creativity and innovation. It also increases employee engagement and morale. All of this strengthens your bottom line.

Focusing on DE&I in your hiring process helps you bring the best talent aboard. Their diverse demographics, beliefs, backgrounds, and experiences promote a more equitable and inclusive organization.

Glassdoor’s September 2020 Diversity & Inclusion Workplace Survey shows that 76% of respondents consider diversity in the workforce when evaluating companies and job offers. This is especially important for millennials and Gen Z, who make up approximately half the workforce. As a result, including DE&I in your hiring process is necessary.

Incorporate these DE&I efforts into your hiring process for increased business success.

Share Your DE&I and Accommodation Statements

Your DE&I statement communicates your commitment, beliefs, values, and philosophy related to DE&I. This statement attracts the interest of job seekers looking for this information.

Your accommodation statement describes how your company meets the unique needs of current and potential employees. This statement asks candidates to notify your organization of any accommodations they may need during the interview process. For instance, a candidate who cannot climb stairs will have that barrier removed when they arrive for an interview.

Include your DE&I and accommodation statements in the careers section of your website, job postings, and marketing materials. These statements make your hiring process feel more inclusive and accessible to diverse candidates. This can significantly widen your candidate pools.

Diversify Your Sourcing

Expand your hiring efforts to different resources candidates use to find jobs. This may include tech-focused job boards, LinkedIn Groups, professional organizations, or industry events. Or, it could involve forming partnerships with local high schools, technical schools, colleges, and universities to network with students.

Widening your sourcing efforts helps you connect with diverse candidates. This encourages a range of qualified candidates to apply for your openings.

Ensure Consistency in Your Hiring Process

Map out a consistent hiring process in line with your DE&I goals. Ensure the process is open, accessible, fair, and as bias-free as possible. This increases access to larger pools of qualified candidates.

Look for candidates who align with your company’s mission, vision, and values. Focus on whether the candidates can enhance your company’s culture with new ways of seeing things or different life experiences. These characteristics enhance DE&I in your organization.

Collaborate with a DE&I-Focused Tech Recruiter

Have your HR team partner with a recruiter from a local staffing agency that specializes in the technology industry and DE&I hiring. Your team and the recruiter can work together to improve DE&I in your company’s hiring process. They also can share information with candidates who want to learn more about your DE&I initiatives.

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