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Why Am I Attracting Unqualified Job Applicants?

Whether your job postings are attracting small or large numbers of applicants, you want the applicants to be qualified. Otherwise, you are wasting time and money on the hiring process.

Unqualified job applicants might lack the relevant skills or experience required for the role. This means the applicants would not be successful in the position and should not be interviewed.

Uncovering the reasons why you are attracting unqualified job applicants helps solve the problem. Resolving the issue can increase the number of qualified applicants to select from for interviews.

Interviewing qualified job applicants helps you find the one most suited for the position. This improves your time to hire, quality of hire, and bottom line.

Uncover why you may be attracting unqualified job applicants and how you can resolve the issue to achieve desirable results.

Unclear Job Descriptions

Your job descriptions must be clear and enticing to attract qualified job applicants. These descriptions must sell the opportunity and encourage qualified job seekers to apply.

To improve your job descriptions, use common job titles that demonstrate the nature of the work. Examples include Application Developer, Java Developer, and Java Application Developer.

Include in a separate paragraph or under a different heading the main job duties, responsibilities, and skills required for the position. This helps draw attention to what is needed to be successful in the position.

Clarify any special job requirements. This may include working a set shift or frequently traveling. It should narrow down the number of job seekers who apply.

Include the salary range for the position. Job seekers whose salary expectations fall outside the maximum can decide not to apply. This decreases the time spent interviewing candidates who likely would not accept a job offer.

Poor Employer Branding

Many job seekers visit Glassdoor or similar sites to read employer reviews. These job seekers want to learn what it truly is like to work for a company before deciding to apply for a role. As a result, poor employer reviews can lead to poor employer branding. Qualified candidates typically do not apply for positions with these companies.

To elevate your employer brand, talk with your top employees. Find out what they like most and least about your company and specific ideas for improvement. Use this feedback to make changes.

Send all employees a survey to gather input on the changes. Find out what the employees like and dislike and concrete ideas to do better. Continue the process until you get your employer brand where you want it to be.

Continue to update your employer brand as needed. This can increase your number of qualified job applicants for open roles.

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