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Here’s How Often You Should Conduct Employee Interviews and Why It Matters

Most companies are struggling to retain employees during The Great Resignation. However, few managers are talking with their employees about why they are leaving and what would encourage them to stay.

One way to solve this problem is by conducting employee interviews. These interviews help uncover the underlying issues that drive employees to change jobs.

Resolving these issues creates a more attractive work environment. This encourages employees to remain longer.

If you are a manager who is not conducting employee interviews, you should begin the process today. Increasing employee retention rates saves time and money on hiring, onboarding, and training. It also improves your bottom line.

Discover how often you should conduct employee interviews and how they can increase retention rates.

Uncover Employee Needs

Conducting employee interviews helps you understand how you can better support your employees. Perhaps they need additional flexibility to handle personal issues during the workday. Or, maybe your employees feel their compensation should be increased to better align with their growing responsibilities.

More effectively filling your employees’ needs shows you value and respect them. This encourages your employees to stay loyal to your company.

Learn Employee Motivations

Employee interviews help you determine the changes your employees would like to see. These changes may involve an individual role, company culture, or the organization itself.

Talk with your employees about what they enjoy most about the company, what keeps them working for it, and what their professional goals are. Also, find out what your employees’ biggest challenges are, whether they feel their strengths are being used, and whether they are able to maintain work-life balance.

Share your employees’ feedback with leadership. Then, work to develop and implement strategies, initiatives, and activities to improve the organization.

Implementing your employees’ input shows they are valued members of the organization. This encourages them to remain long-term.

Regularly Conduct Employee Interviews

Implementing employee interviews now and conducting them every few months lets you uncover what your employees like most and least about the company and concrete suggestions for improvement. When your retention rates get to where you would like them, you can move the employee interviews every 12 to 24 months.

Implementing this feedback helps build trust, solve problems, and resolve issues. This encourages employees to remain with the organization longer.

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