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Top Essential Tech Skills to Have on Your Resume

Including the most in-demand tech skills on your resume helps you land an interview. Demonstrating that you have the knowledge and abilities the hiring manager is looking for shows you would add value to the team and company.

Listing the most essential tech skills on your resume sets you apart from the competition. This can determine whether you are offered the position.

Include the following tech skills on your resume to help secure an interview.

Project Management and Collaboration Tools

Your ability to use project management and collaboration tools is essential for any role. Because you work as a team in virtually any position, effective use of Asana, Notion, Trello, or Jira improves workflow and efficiency. Because these tools have similar interfaces, mentioning them on your resume can result in an interview.

Design and Video

Your design and video skills are especially important for creative, marketing, or communication positions. Proficiency with professional design tools like Adobe Photoshop and basic tools like Canva is helpful. The ability to create and edit videos also is in demand. Mentioning these skills on your resume increases your odds of landing an interview.

Online Meeting Management

Your ability to participate in online meetings is especially relevant for remote or hybrid roles. You can help plan, manage, and execute virtual meetings. This includes handling the technical side of these meetings while moving the conversation forward. Detail on your resume your experience using online meeting software and participating in virtual meetings to help secure an interview.


Your coding skills are especially valuable for technical positions. Programming languages such as Python, SQL, and C++ help you stand out from the other candidates. Include on your resume any coding skills you have that are listed in the job requirements.

Presentation Tools

Your ability to use presentation tools is important for roles requiring manager or client briefings. Although PowerPoint is the most popular presentation software, many companies use Prezi or Google Slides. Because the tools have similar interfaces, knowledge of one tool helps you learn another. Listing these skills on your resume shows you would be an asset to the team.

Social Media Management

Your social media management skills are important for marketing or customer relations positions. You can use your talents to develop and implement effective marketing strategies, interact with customers on social sites, or respond to customer experiences and reviews. Share these skills on your resume to show you would add value to the team and company.

CRM Software

Your ability to use customer relationship management (CRM) software is especially relevant for marketing, sales, or customer relations roles. This software helps companies more effectively connect with their customers. You can set up, support, and improve the CRM systems. Detail these skills on your resume to be contacted for interviews.

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