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How AI Is Playing a Key Role in Modern Recruiting

The technology used in modern recruiting continues to evolve. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one technology that plays a significant role in streamlining the recruiting process.

AI fulfills low-level tasks that are both repetitious and time-consuming. This frees up time for hiring managers to focus on high-level responsibilities.

Implementing AI into modern recruiting provides a range of benefits. The following are reasons to consider implementing AI in your recruiting process.

Discover how AI’s role in modern recruiting can benefit your company.

Targeted Job Postings

AI can create effective job postings better than a human can. This includes using gender-neutral language and encouraging minorities, veterans, and people with disabilities to apply. It also involves advertising the roles on niche websites and job boards that cater to the targeted candidates.

Posting these jobs in targeted locations increases the number of applicants for a position. This includes passive candidates who excel at their jobs and remain with their employers long-term. Drawing from a larger candidate pool increases the odds of finding the right candidate for the role.

Streamlined Candidate Experience

AI can help candidates seamlessly move through the recruiting process. For instance, chatbots can answer candidate questions and schedule or reschedule interviews. Also, email automation lets candidates know where they are in the recruiting process, what the next step is, and how to prepare.

Providing a streamlined experience encourages candidates to remain engaged in the recruiting process. This increases the odds of hiring the top candidate.

Workforce Diversity

AI can strengthen diversity in a company’s workforce. For instance, resumes are reviewed based on skills and experience before being sent to the hiring manager. The personally identifying information is blocked to prevent implicit bias from impacting which candidates the manager contacts for interviews.

Diversity in the workforce increases innovation, collaboration, and retention. This improves the company’s revenue and bottom line.

Effective Hiring

AI can scan candidate profiles and match them to job openings significantly faster than a hiring manager can. This frees up time for the manager to focus on other parts of the recruiting process.

AI also can analyze candidates’ online presence and predict which candidates would be successful in a role. This increases the quality of the candidates interviewed and hired. Higher-quality hires elevate engagement, productivity, and morale.

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