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4 Ways to Recruit and Hire a More Diverse Team

Having a diverse tech team provides a range of benefits. Among them are increased innovation, employee retention, and business growth.

As a result, your tech team needs to be as diverse as possible. If it is not, you need to change your approach to hiring.

Expanding your sourcing methods can impact diversity in the candidates who apply for your open roles. This affects the diversity of the candidates you interview and hire.

Discover four methods to add more diverse members to your tech team.

1. Diversify Your Network

Connect with tech professionals who are different than you. This can be accomplished by participating in tech-focused LinkedIn Groups, professional associations, and networking events.

The more diverse tech professionals you know, the easier it is to recruit them. The more your connections like and trust you, the more willing they are to learn more about what your company has to offer.

Bringing aboard diverse tech talent increases team diversity, innovation, and productivity.

2. Target Employee Referrals

Be intentional about the referrals you request from your tech employees. This may include asking your employees to share your open positions with qualified members of their network who are women or people of color.

Offer a bonus for referring tech candidates from underrepresented groups who get hired. This incentivizes your employees to make recommendations.

3. Increase Company Visibility

Determine whether one or more of your diverse employees is willing to speak at local tech conferences and meetups. Or, they might be a guest speaker for podcasts or a guest blogger for a tech site. These employees could briefly mention your team has open positions and direct job seekers to your website.

Candidates who see someone like them being successful in an organization may feel inspired to work for your company. This can increase the number of diverse tech professionals who apply for your open roles.

Ensure you recognize and reward any employee who takes on this responsibility. Consider offering them coaching, classes, or other professional development opportunities to increase their skills.

4. Advertise Jobs in Niche Areas

Share your open roles on tech-based job sites. Examples include Stack Overflow, GitHub Jobs, and CrunchBoard.

You also could share your job postings with conferences, meetups, and tech associations that cater to professionals with specific demographics. Casting a wider net lets you reach diverse candidates.

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