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How to Create a Tech-Focused Employer Brand to Draw in Talent

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As companies continue to digitize, the competition for tech talent increases. Knowing what these professionals seek in an employer helps your company appeal to their needs and wants.

Tech professionals place significant emphasis on aligning company values with their own values. This is why your employer brand is more important now than ever.

Positioning your company as an attractive employer involves emphasizing your company’s mission, vision, and values. It also includes relating your culture to the tech roles you need to fill.

Follow these guidelines to create an employer brand that attracts tech talent.

Emphasize Your Company Culture

Point out your company’s mission, vision, and values. This shows how your organization stands out from the competition.

Your culture demonstrates what it is like working for your company. It also shows the types of employees who add value to your organization. Plus, your culture highlights the vital role tech professionals play in supporting your mission.

Include in your job descriptions one or two sentences defining your company’s mission statement, goals, and the tech candidate’s role in reaching them. The more aligned candidates are with your culture, the more likely their success with your organization will be.

Focus on the Candidate Experience

Pay attention to how your company interacts with candidates. This helps build better candidate relationships and uncover issues with your hiring process.

Ensure you evaluate specific parts of your hiring process. This may include the time that passes between applications and interviews or between candidate questions and answers. These assessments help determine whether your interview process is user-friendly, streamlined, and transparent.

Verify that your website’s careers page displays your company’s mission, vision, and values. This should be communicated through text, images, and videos.

Conduct a quick search on how your organization is profiled on social media and employer review platforms. Many tech professionals turn to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Glassdoor to learn more about what it is like working for an employer before applying for a position.

Focus on what your employer brand is like on these platforms. Ensure the information is both accurate and unified across channels.

The information on your company’s social profiles impacts how tech talent views your company. This affects whether these professionals apply for your open positions.

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