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Remote Workers Can Use These Tech Tools to Maximize Productivity


As a tech professional, you likely work remotely. If so, you should be looking for ways to increase your productivity.

Because your manager cannot see what you do each day, you need a way to show your activity and progress. Any of the following tools can help.

Choose among these tech tools to increase your productivity while working remotely.

Habit List

Stay focused, motivated, and on track to reach your goals with Habit List. The badges encourage you to build routines that lead to productive habits. The notifications and reminders help you complete your tasks. You can change your schedule as needed and track your progress.


Create tasks with due dates, flags, and reminders with Evernote. Scan documents so you can access the information when needed. Save and mark up web pages to increase their usefulness. Connect your schedule to your Google Calendar.


Leverage actionable metrics for your distributed engineering team with Velocity. Gain end-to-end visibility into how your team ships features. Receive alerts for bottlenecks and team members who need help. Take advantage of data coaching to set goals and improve performance.

Google Keep

Create, edit and share notes, thoughts, documents, voice notes, and web pages with Google Keep. The tool fully integrates with Google’s other cloud offerings across all devices.


Blend knowledge and collaboration with Confluence. Provide actionable meeting notes, project plans, and easy-to-find answers in a flexible workspace. Share announcements and get instant feedback.


Connect your data, workflows, and teammates with Airtable. Improve your team’s agility and scale with a single source tailored to your work. Create interfaces to provide your teammates with the information they need to take action.


Break down ideas into manageable pieces with user stories, issues, and tasks for your agile team using Jira. Keep your work in one place to promote collaboration. Integrate the software with your other tools from the Atlassian Marketplace. Take advantage of the features and best practices to develop and change your agile practices. Gain peace of mind from the features, security, and privacy needed to scale according to your team’s size.


Organize your projects, tasks, and comments with Nozbe. Give your teammates access to the information they need when they need it. Add tasks, set deadlines, and delegate. Include relevant information in the comments and attach documents.

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