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Appreciating Your Employees Is More Important Than You Think


Are you a manager who wants to increase employee engagement, productivity, and retention?

Would you like to elevate employee motivation, job satisfaction, and morale?

Do you want to strengthen your team culture and accomplish more goals at virtually no cost?

If so, you are in the right place!

Discover some simple ways to express employee appreciation that can lead to significant results.

Impacts of Employee Appreciation

According to a Bonusly survey in 2022, 41% of respondents said management’s favoritism among employees made the other employees feel unappreciated. Also, 39% of respondents cited a lack of recognition from management as causing employees to feel unappreciated.

Additionally, the survey showed that 46% of respondents left a job because they felt unappreciated. Plus, 65% of the respondents shared that they would work harder if they felt their contributions were noticed by management.

These are reasons why employee appreciation needs to be as equal as possible among your team. Each member needs to be acknowledged for their contributions and results.

Results of Employee Appreciation

Regularly expressing gratitude for each of your employees builds trust and respect among your team. Your employees are likely to continue to put in their best efforts each day.

Employees who feel appreciated tend to positively interact with others. This promotes collaboration and cohesion among your team.

Employees who feel valued typically are optimistic, selfless, and collaborative. These qualities contribute to engagement, productivity, and retention.

Methods to Show Employee Appreciation

Talk with your employees about how they prefer to have their efforts acknowledged. For instance, some employees may want verbal praise during a casual conversation or a team meeting. Other employees might desire a compliment in an email or through the company intranet. In certain cases, a bonus, pay increase, or promotion may be appropriate as well.

When providing recognition, make it as soon as possible after the event. Be specific about the situation and the action taken. Include what the results were and how they impacted the company. This encourages your employees to take similar actions to attain positive results in the future.

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