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3 Ways to Adapt Your Tech Recruiting Strategy

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With low unemployment and high demand, hiring in the tech industry can be difficult. In your role as a recruiter, you may be having trouble finding the skilled talent you need to reach business goals.

As a result, your hiring strategy may need to change. You might need to further develop your skills, learn to promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) throughout your organization, or focus on hiring internally before externally.

Implement these tips to modify your hiring strategy to bring aboard the best tech talent.

1. Develop New Skills

Continuously add to your recruitment skill set. This has been especially important during the coronavirus pandemic.

When hiring slowed or paused, many recruiters used their downtime to learn about virtual interviewing, onboarding, and related activities. These skills were especially beneficial when companies resumed hiring.

Other knowledge and skills that recruiters developed involved employer branding, social recruiting, and search engine optimization (SEO) for job postings. Empathy, compassionate communication, and other soft skills have been important as well. These skills help recruiters bring aboard new hires.

Continuous prioritization of learning is important at all times. This is especially true when unexpected circumstances arise. Developing the necessary skills to move forward provides additional value when the skills can be implemented.

2. Advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Dice’s 2022 Equality in Tech Report showed that 48% of tech professionals say a company’s reputation regarding DEI impacts their decision to join the organization. The findings indicate the importance of DEI increased year-over-year across all groups: Blacks, Hispanics/Latinx, Asian Indians, and Whites.

These findings stress the importance of emphasizing your organization’s commitment to DEI throughout the hiring process. Sharing your company’s DEI initiatives may include its commitment to diversity hiring, equal pay for similar roles, and providing support through employee resource groups (ERGs).

3. Prioritize Internal Advancement

Emphasize your company’s commitment to sourcing current employees for positions before hiring externally. Showing candidates the career paths they can follow to move up in your organization encourages them to join your team and remain long-term. These opportunities may include training, reskilling, or upskilling to qualify for promotions.

The more options candidates have for professional development, the more likely they will want to work for you rather than a competitor. This lowers your time-to-hire and hiring costs. It also increases employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

Want Help with Your Tech Recruiting?

You should be continuously developing your skills, advocating for DEI, and emphasizing internal advancement opportunities throughout your hiring process. These actions increase your candidate pools and hiring results. The more attractive your company is to candidates, the more likely they are to work for your organization long-term.

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