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These Cybersecurity Mistakes Could Cost You Money

cybersecurityA study from the Clark School at the University of Maryland shows that hackers attack computers with internet access an average of every 39 seconds. Also, Fundera reports that it costs an average of $955,429 for a small business to regain regular operations after a successful cyberattack.

Fortunately, regular training on cybersecurity risks and best practices reduces the odds of your company being attacked. The following suggestions can help.

Discover some common cybersecurity errors and how your workforce can help prevent them.

Underestimating the Company’s Vulnerability to Cyberattacks

Many employees do not realize that cybercrime, including ransomware attacks, is rapidly growing. In fact, a 2021-2022 Cyber Threat Report by Hornetsecurity stated that the damage caused by ransomware was up 358% in 2018 and 2019 over previous years.

According to the report, email is the main method companies use to share sensitive information and internal company files. This is why email is one of the top gateways for cybercriminals to steal data, conduct espionage, and install backdoors to funnel confidential information for financial gain.

To reduce the risk of cyberattacks, regularly talk with your employees about the latest developments in cybercrime. Remind your employees of the importance of regularly updated cybersecurity and how it protects against cybercrime. This includes staying compliant with company cybersecurity policies and best practices.

Employees Not Updating Their Computers

Remote and hybrid employees face greater risks of cyberattacks. If your employees are working from home, they may not be keeping up with your company’s cybersecurity policies. If there is a cyberattack, it can result in system and productivity downtime, opportunity costs, and damage to your brand.

To combat this issue, provide your employees with regular updates on your company’s best practices for cybersecurity. Include the problem the update solves and why it matters. Also, ensure your employees are regularly installing updates on their devices.

Clicking a Link Without Considering the Source

Phishing scams that take advantage of the public’s anxiety about the coronavirus pandemic are on the rise. For instance, an email may state that because of a sudden increase of COVID cases in the recipient’s community, they should click for more information. Because these messages can evoke an emotional response, your employees may fall for these scams.

You can work with a cybersecurity company to educate your employees about how phishing scams work and how to avoid them. For instance, the company may have you send false but realistic phishing emails to your team to promote training and awareness. If an employee clicks the link, they are taken to a page that educates them on red flags to look for in a phishing email. Your employees should learn to look for red flags in email messages before clicking potentially malicious links.

Need Help with Your Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity needs to remain a top priority for your company. A companywide understanding of your organization’s vulnerability to cyberattacks helps reduce the risk of cyberattacks. Best practices include continuously updating work computers and educating your employees on phishing scams.

If you need help filling your cybersecurity needs, DVA Technology can match you with IT professionals to collaborate with your employees or serve as an outsourced provider. Learn more or request talent today.