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DEI: A Data-Driven Approach


Today’s job seekers are more interested than ever in joining organizations that value diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). With a clear understanding of DEI, and by embracing its values, you can make your business stand out to top talent. Furthermore, you can build a culture that resonates with staff and drives them to give their all every day.

The bottom line: it is beneficial to prioritize DEI. To understand why, consider the following trends from Culture Amp’s 2022 Workplace DEI Report.

1. Companies Value DEI But Aren’t Investing in High Levels of Change.

In the report, 81% of HR and DEI practitioners indicated they believe DEI initiatives are “beneficial.” However, 34% noted they lack the resources necessary to launch and manage these initiatives.

By making significant investments in DEI initiatives, you can give your company plenty of room for growth. These investments ensure your company can take appropriate steps to drive meaningful change. Plus, they show your employees and job seekers you’re willing to invest in DEI to provide a great work environment.

2. Many Organizations Still Don’t Prioritize DEI.

Approximately 63% of companies noted they are hosting DEI events and discussions. Moreover, 50% said they have a DEI mission statement, and 49% have a strategic diversity plan.

To get DEI initiatives off the ground, you need to plan accordingly. If you put DEI front and center, you can promote DEI initiatives to business leaders. Next, you can develop initiatives that foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in conjunction with business leaders and other personnel. These initiatives allow you to integrate DEI into your company’s everyday activities. 

3. Organizations Often Invest in DEI Staffing and Specialists.

Nearly 60% of businesses do not have a DEI role on their team. Comparatively, 40% said they are building specialized DEI expertise.

If you want to build out DEI initiatives, it pays to seek a specialist to help. To get started, you can partner with a professional staffing agency. This allows you to get in touch with professionals who can help you develop and maintain successful DEI initiatives. 

DEI Best Practices for Your Business

There are many things you can do to make your business more diverse and inclusive and foster equity among your workers. These include:

  • Measure Your Results. Work with business leaders to make a DEI plan, along with metrics to monitor and evaluate your results.  
  • Recruit a Wide Range of Talent. Look at your job descriptions and use gender-neutral terms and phrases to make them more inclusive. In addition, you can add an equity statement to your company’s career page.  
  • Eliminate Biases During the Interview Process. Communicate with job candidates about your company’s DEI initiatives.
  • Make Your Onboarding Inclusive. Offer training to new hires to educate them about your company’s DEI initiatives. 
  • Provide Ongoing Training. Host training sessions at regular intervals to get employee feedback on your DEI initiatives and share updates with them.

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