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Becoming an Industry Leader in Mental Health Awareness

mental healthYou want your employees to feel and perform their best at work. To achieve this goal, you should prioritize your workers’ mental health. In doing so, you can help your workers thrive as they take on their daily responsibilities. Your actions will speak volumes when Mental Health Wellness is seen as a key part of your company culture from the top down. Making this a priority allows your company to stand out when attracting and retaining employees in the midst of a highly competitive market.

How Prioritizing Employee Mental Health Can Provide a Positive Culture

Mental health in the workplace should be a top priority. If you provide workers with mental health assistance, you can ensure they can address stress, anxiety, and other work-related mental health problems before they get out of hand. You can also distinguish your company from its competition by showcasing your awareness and concern regarding employee mental health.

The best companies go above and beyond the call of duty to help their workers in any way possible. Thus, by prioritizing your workers’ mental wellness, you can show your employees how much you care about them. This can motivate your workers to give their all every day. Furthermore, it can make your company more attractive than ever before to top talent.

3 Tips to Prioritize the Mental Health of Your Workers

1. Establish Greater Flexibility with Regular Work Schedules

Give employees the flexibility to work hours that align with their personal schedules; this could include giving employees 3 hours each week to reset and recharge, compressing their workdays into 4 days instead of 5, or adding more PTO in the benefits package. This enables workers to complete tasks without compromising their work-life balance. It also lets your employees know you feel confident in them and their ability to manage their time and complete their work without being micro-managed.

2. Offer Mental Health Days

Along with vacation and sick days, offer mental health days to workers. These days encourage employees to take a break from the hustle and bustle of their work activities. They ensure workers can spend plenty of time taking care of themselves throughout the year, and they allow employees the opportunity to focus on maintaining or restoring their mental as well as their physical health. Offering mental health days also contributes to showing workers how highly you value their mental wellbeing.

3. Create Mental Health Resources Within the Workplace

Develop and implement a training program focused on mental health. This lets you educate your employees about its importance in addition to offering tips and recommendations on how to establish and maintain mentally healthy work habits. The best companies take this a step further and incorporate mental health training for managers and hold workshops or awareness days for all employees to attend. Some companies create mental health lines that are accessible 24/7 or access to meditation and mindfulness apps.

The Bottom Line on Your Employee’s Mental Health 

You want your workers to enjoy their time with your company. If you put the mental health of your employees front and center, you can ensure they are able to thrive in a happy and healthy work environment, free from the constraints of undue stress and anxiety. With enthusiastic and well cared for workers, your business can achieve unparalleled success.

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