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How to Attract and Engage with Gen Z Tech Workers


Your business wants top technology talent. To accomplish its goal, you need to consider generation Z job candidates.

Generation Z technology workers can be difference-makers across your business. Yet, finding Gen Z tech talent can be tricky. If you know how to attract and engage with Gen Z tech talent, you can add quality professionals to your team. And you may reap the benefits of your Gen Z tech workers’ efforts for many years to come.

There are many things you can do to boost your business’ chances of attracting and engaging with top Gen Z tech talent. These include:

1. Be Authentic

Create tech job postings that explain what your company is all about. This shows Gen Z tech job candidates what your business offers. If a candidate feels he or she may be a good fit, this individual can send you their application materials.

2. Use a Variety of Platforms to Connect with Candidates

Publish and share tech job postings on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Furthermore, you can post videos that highlight your company on YouTube and TikTok. The more media you share about your company, the more likely it becomes that Gen Zers will be attracted to your business. Over time, your media can help you build relationships with top Gen Z tech talent.

3. Highlight Your Commitment to Social Responsibility

Make it easy for Gen Z tech job candidates to see how your company is devoted to its community. For instance, you can produce blog posts or videos that highlight your business’ commitment to being socially responsible. These blog posts and videos can help Gen Zers understand your business’ values. From here, Gen Zers may be drawn to opportunities to join your business.

4. Collect and Analyze Feedback

Find out how Gen Z tech employees feel about your business. You can use employee questionnaires and surveys to see how these workers rank your business and identify ways to improve your company’s operations. Next, you can gain insights that can help you enhance your Gen Z tech talent engagement and recruitment efforts.

5. Strive for Ongoing Improvement

Do not shy away from opportunities to connect with Gen Z tech talent. Evaluate your results as you launch talent engagement and recruitment initiatives. Continue to seek out ways to improve your talent engagement and recruitment with Gen Z tech talent, too.

We Take the Guesswork Out of Finding Top Talent to Fill Tech Roles

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