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How to Keep Your Remote Workers Engaged

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Your business has remote employees who play key roles in your success. To date, you’ve tried to go above and beyond the call of duty to engage with these workers. But there is always room for improvement, particularly when it comes to employee engagement.

The best companies understand the importance of employee engagement. And they consistently explore ways to connect with workers and support them.

There are many things your business can do to keep its remote workers engaged now and in the future. These include:

1. Host Virtual Events

In addition to hosting virtual meetings, you can schedule fun activities for your remote work team. For instance, you can set up virtual trivia nights that encourage remote workers to engage in friendly competition. Or, you can use virtual lunches that allow remote workers to enjoy a meal together, even if they are physically far apart. Each virtual event gives remote employees opportunities to engage with one another. Plus, virtual events can help foster communication, collaboration, and camaraderie across your team.

2. Make It Easy for Employees to Communicate with One Another

Provide your employees with multiple communication channels. You can encourage your workers to use Slack or other real-time communication platforms. Furthermore, you can ensure workers can quickly and easily connect with one another via email or phone. Ask your remote workers which communication methods they prefer. From here, you can leverage communication platforms that enable these workers to stay connected to each other.

3. Use Video Conferencing Software

Deploy Zoom or other video conferencing software across your remote work team. This software allows remote workers to host face-to-face meetings with their peers. It can also help remote employees feel more connected to their colleagues and more engaged in their work.

4. Remain Accessible to Your Remote Workers

Encourage remote workers to come forward any time they have concerns or questions. You can schedule regular one-on-one and team meetings to connect with remote employees and find out how they are doing. Moreover, you can remain accessible via different communication methods. This ensures your remote workers will have no trouble reaching you as needed.

5. Learn from Your Remote Workers

Conduct surveys and questionnaires to find out how your remote employees feel about your company’s employee engagement efforts. You can ask these workers how they feel your company can boost employee engagement as well. This allows you to gain firsthand insights you can use to drive employee engagement.

Do What’s Necessary to Keep Your Remote Workers Engaged

Remote workers deserve your attention. By doing what’s necessary to keep your remote employees engaged, you can help these workers perform at peak levels. At the same time, you can boost your business’ employee retention and satisfaction levels. Your company can even improve its chances of generating interest from top job candidates for remote roles.

Lastly, if you want to hire talent for remote IT work, partner with DVA Technology. We offer IT staff augmentation services to companies of all sizes. To learn more or request talent, get in touch with us today.

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