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Hiring Strategies and Predictions for 2022

2022 has arrived. Your business wants top talent to join its team this year. And your company may need to revamp its hiring strategy or develop a new one to keep pace with today’s job seekers.

The “Great Resignation” has transformed the global job market. You must consider every opportunity to engage with top talent. Otherwise, the best job candidates are unlikely to choose career opportunities with your business. Plus, your current employees may consider career opportunities elsewhere.

Reviewing hiring strategies and predictions for 2022 can be beneficial. Doing so gives you a glimpse into this year’s job market. From here, you can develop a comprehensive hiring plan.

Here are three hiring strategies and predictions to watch in 2022.

1. More Businesses Than Ever Before Will Offer Unique Perks to Attract Top Talent.

Many companies are rebounding from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, there is an imbalance between labor supply and demand. To bridge this gap in your business, you must consider the perspective of job candidates.

If possible, provide unique perks to job candidates. For example, you can let employees work from home. Or, you can provide flexible hours and extended vacations. You can even offer career advancement opportunities.

Learn from your current workforce, too. Find out what perks your current employees want. Next, you can update your employee compensation and benefits packages.

2. The Top Businesses Will Make the Hiring Process Transparent.

Industry-leading businesses will put the hiring process front and center. As part of their efforts, they will make the hiring process transparent. This ensures candidates know what to expect from a company. It results in positive hiring experiences as well.

Craft detailed and easy-to-understand job descriptions. This ensures candidates know what roles you want to fill and the duties associated with them. Also, include compensation information in your job descriptions.

In addition, communicate with job candidates throughout the hiring process. Encourage candidates to come forward with any concerns or questions. And address these concerns and questions right away.

3. Businesses Will Prioritize Job Candidates’ Skills More Than Their Resumes.

The best job candidates show rather than tell. They are capable of accomplishing great things for businesses. To prove their point, they possess a wide range of soft and hard skills that can be tough to showcase on a resume.

Look beyond a job candidate’s resume to evaluate their ability to perform a role well. For instance, you can ask a candidate to participate in a hands-on team exercise during the hiring process. This exercise gives your team a chance to see how a candidate responds to various work challenges. It can also show if a candidate meshes with your team.

It can be beneficial to host multiple rounds of interviews. The more you and your team learn about a candidate, the more likely it becomes you can make an informed hiring decision.

Get the Most Out of Your Hiring Strategy in 2022

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