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Keep Candidates Engaged During the Hiring Process

Job candidate engagement is crucial during the hiring process. If a candidate feels neglected or ignored, he or she may look elsewhere for work. Even worse, an industry rival could hire this candidate before your company can add him or her to your team.

You need a talent engagement plan that accounts for all stages of your hiring process. With an effective plan in place, you can ensure candidates receive extensive guidance and support as the hiring process moves forward. Plus, you can identify and mitigate any issues that can otherwise result in a poor onboarding experience.

There are several ways to keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring cycle. These include:

1. Select the Right Candidates

Review the application materials of any candidates who want to join your company. However, if a candidate is a poor fit for a role with your business, move forward with other applicants.

If a candidate is ill-suited for a role with your company, follow up with him or her. You can send a brief email to let him or her know your company is considering other candidates at this time. However, you can let a candidate know to stay in touch. If any roles become available at your company that aligns with their skills and experience, he or she can always apply. Comparatively, if you identify a role in which a candidate appears to be a good fit at a later date, you can contact him or her, too.

2. Share Your Hiring Timeline

Explain the hiring process and give candidates a timeline. This eliminates any guesswork associated with your hiring process. It also ensures candidates know what to expect as you look to hire top talent.

Furthermore, encourage candidates to ask questions and share any concerns regarding your hiring process. And if candidates reach out, respond to their questions and concerns as quickly as possible.

3. Provide Regular Updates

Stay in contact with candidates via email or phone calls during the hiring process. That way, candidates can receive updates about where they stand in this process.

Also, give candidates myriad opportunities to connect with you for hiring updates. In doing so, you can help candidates remain engaged with your company until the hiring process is complete.

4. Take Advantage of Feedback

Offer personalized feedback to candidates. Feedback can help candidates understand why they chose to move forward with another application. It can provide candidates with insights they can use to bolster their skill sets as well.

Much in the same vein, collect feedback from candidates during the hiring process. You should constantly search for ways to improve this process. Thanks to feedback, you can find ways to optimize your hiring process and ensure it consistently meets candidates’ expectations.

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