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How to Detect and Prevent Workplace Burnout

DVA Technology_Burnout Workplace burnout is a problem for many businesses across the United States. To understand why consider the results of a recent survey of 1,500 U.S. workers.

The survey revealed 52% of U.S. workers experienced burnout in 2021, up from 43% in 2020. In addition, in the survey, 59% of Millennial workers and 58% of Gen-Z workers dealt with burnout last year.

Your business wants its employees to remain happy and healthy. To achieve its goal, you need to watch for burnout. If you identify burnt-out employees, you need to know how to help them, too.

Tips to Help You Detect and Prevent Workplace Burnout

There are many things you can do to identify workplace burnout in its early stages and prevent it from becoming a recurring problem. These include:

1. Learn the Signs of Workplace Burnout

No one is immune to burnout. But, there are many signs associated with it, such as:

  • Irritability
  • Frequent illness
  • Isolation
  • Exhaustion

Watch for any employees who show these signs of workplace burnout. If an employee looks burnt-out at work, meet with him or her to discuss the issue. Then, you can find a way to help your employee alleviate their burnout symptoms.

2. Encourage Workers to Take Care of Their Physical Health

Work stress can escalate quickly. If left unaddressed, it can lead to workplace burnout. In this instance, an employee may struggle to stay focused on day-to-day work tasks. Even worse, burnout can impact their physical health.

Developing and implementing an employee wellness program can help you combat workplace burnout. The program enables you to offer incentives to those who practice healthy behaviors. It also encourages workers to go to the gym, eat healthy foods, and take other healthy actions to protect their overall wellbeing.

3. Offer Workplace Burnout Tools, Resources, and Support

Workplace burnout can go unnoticed for an extended period of time. Thus, an employee can experience burnout symptoms without realizing they are happening. This can ultimately lead a work to feel burnt out, despite the fact that he or she can prevent this issue.

It pays to educate your workers about burnout and its impact. Provide a training program to teach workers about burnout and respond to any concerns or questions regarding this issue.

Furthermore, encourage your workers to seek out help if they experience symptoms of burnout. If your employees remain proactive to guard against burnout, they can take appropriate measures to prevent it from becoming a long-lasting problem.

Do Your Part to Help Your Employees Avoid Workplace Burnout

Workplace burnout can crop up at any time, and it can have far-flung effects on your workforce. By doing your part to detect and prevent burnout, you can help your workers stay happy and healthy.

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