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The Most Common IT Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

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You are ready to take your IT career to the next level. To move forward, you submit applications for jobs across the industry. And, if you land an interview for an IT role, you need to put your best foot forward when you meet with a prospective employer for the first time.

Ultimately, how you perform in an IT job interview can have far-flung effects on your career. If you plan for your interview, however, you can understand questions that a potential employer may ask. Plus, you can consider how you’ll answer these questions. As a result, you can stay calm, cool, and collected and answer these questions with poise and confidence. Best of all, you can boost the likelihood of showing a potential employer why you’re a great fit for an IT role with their company.

Get Ready for Common IT Interview Questions

Expect to receive certain questions during any IT job interview. These can include:

1. What IT Certifications Do You Have?

Even if you include a list of your IT certifications on your resume, an interviewer may ask a question about them. This can help an interviewer get insights into why you earned these certifications and which ones you may try to obtain in the future.

When faced with this question, use it as an opportunity to discuss your career aspirations. Describe the certifications you’ve earned and how you have applied them to your career thus far. From here, explain what certifications you want to earn and how you can use them to further your career.

2. How Do You Keep Your IT Skills Up to Date?

IT is constantly evolving, and employers want talent that keeps their skills up to date. As such, an interviewer may request information about how you track the IT industry and continue to build your skillset.

To answer this question, share details about any online courses, workshops, or training programs you have completed. You can also highlight any recent IT projects or work you completed that required you to learn and apply new skills.

3. What Interests You About This Position?

An interviewer wants to ensure you are a good fit for their company, and vice versa. Therefore, he or she may want to find out why you applied for an IT role with their business.

In order to answer this question, consider the role itself and how it aligns with your career goals. Review the job description before your interview. Then, you can provide information about how your skills and experience match those outlined in the description. You can also explain how you view the position as a stepping stone toward building a rewarding career.

Take the Next Step Forward in Your IT Career

If you are struggling to prepare for IT job interviews, DVA Technology can help. We partner with IT job seekers and offer tips, recommendations, and guidance as they pursue jobs across the industry. To learn more, please contact us today.